hoppin’ john!

Enjoying some hoppin’ john on new year’s.   Nothin’ like some delicious black-eyed peas, rice and collards to start the year off right.


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Day of the Dead Exhibit

I rode the school bus up to the Longmont Museaum with Liam and his first grade class to see the Day of Dead Exhibit. It was beautiful and touching to see all of the love and care that went in to each display.


Charlie, Alden and Liam trying on wild animal costumes….

Jeanne reading to the class to calm them down before the next activitiy.


Jeanne’s first grade class (Horizons)

Longmont Blog CollageLiam the buffalo and Alden the crow.


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Pumpkin Patch with my boys

Tractor-wagon ride through the fields….always a joy….


DSC_6380edit DSC_6382edit DSC_6403edit

Running through the fields to the pumpkin patch with Jack, Lilah, Asher and Liam…


Charlie and Liam as Mrs. and Mr. Cottonwood

Pumpkin Patch Blog-collage1Beautiful boys….ummm, which one to choose…

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Baby Jack Turns 4

If it’s possible, the second child seems to grow up even faster than the first.  It’s so crazy not to have a baby running around the house…not to have to watch the stairs or pick up small items that might get shoved in the mouth.  While I miss that I’ll never experience those years again….it’s also so exciting to experience the world anew each day through their eyes…..

DSC_6338 DSC_6348 DSC_6364v2

Like last year….Jack begged to have his birthday at the gym.  We enjoyed the rings, bouncy castles, bars and probably spent most of our time in the foam pit.  Jack’s choice for dessert was ice cream cake from his favorite shop, Sweet Cow. Yum.

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Davidson Mesa Views


spending some time at davidson mesa and enjoying the beautiful views.10







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coming home to a flood…

We enjoyed a spectacular trip in London…completely oblivious to the rains beginning in Boulder.  We returned home to find ourselves in the middle of what turned out to be the largest and most destructive flood we’ve seen….

Here are just a couple of pictures from a place we frequently run, bike and walk…..

2013-09-14 10.48.20 2013-09-14 10.48.40 2013-09-14 10.55.19

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Happy 10 year anniversary to us.

One week.
Just me and Will.
Casual walks, sleeping in, shows, museums, sites, talking over wine and dinner.
Thanks to our families for all their help so we could do this!
DSC_6230Will trying on a battle helmet, the Scots Guard and stained glass windows inside the Tower of London.

DSC_6323Will ordering some cheese from an French vendor at the Borough Market.  This place was amazing and had the best foods….great place for lunch.

DSC_6284Everywhere, people feed the pigeons…

DSC_6275Leaving Westminster Abbey….

DSC_6272 DSC_6258Parliament


DSC_6212 2013-09-06 19.36.26Views from inside the London Eye.

DSC_6206 DSC_6204 2013-09-12 13.46.57 2013-09-11 20.18.23Enjoying fish and chips and a brewsky at one of the oldest pubs in London.

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